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Project Description

Xhader's just the way I combined Xaml and Shader words into one "Xhader". This project tries to simplify the usage of Shaders in your Silverlight and WPF applications by providing:

  • A simple installation experience for Blend. (using a geeky slang => make blendable shaders)
  • A collection of free shaders for your application.
  • Documented parameters to take advantage of each shader's settings. (It stills on development)

See more information at:

On the other hand, if you're interested in creating your custom shader, then you might take a look at:

Create a Shader

Quick usage sample

As part of the built-in sample ,here are two captures of the screen. First image is the WPF sample application without using the shader

WPF Sample showing a shader modifying Xaml Controls


The same WPF sampel demo, but using some shaders to modify the how the UI looks like.

WPF Sample showing a shader modifying Xaml Controls

Into the documentation you will find a video where you can see how this project pretends to simplify the usage of the Shaders. More information at Documentation

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