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Xaml is a markup language based on xml, which is used to create presentation layer in your Microsoft Application e.g. Silverlight Applications and WPF applications. There is a particular feature that is available for certain users which is to use the support to modify the rendered image by using Shaders.

What's a Shader?

Shader basically is like an effect you can apply on a image. Sort of like a filter in some image editors like Illustrator or Photoshop (and more recently Paint .NET). There are different kind of Shaders, particularly Xaml (in WPF and Silverlight) supports Pixel Shaders. A Pixel Shader receives a minimum parameter a bunch of pixels and returns the same amount of modified pixels. If required the Shader can define and receive more parameters, this will depend on the pixel transformation that the shader will apply.

What is Xhader?

There is not rocket science behind Xhader. It's just the way I meltdown Xaml and Shader words into one Xhader. This project tries to simplify the usage of Shaders in your Silverlight and WPF applications by providing:

  • A simple installation experience for Blend. (using a geeky slang => make blendable shaders)
  • A collection of free shaders for your application.
  • Documented parameters to take advantage of each shader's settings.

Video Samples

Videos Description
Click here to view the video. Basic video when I show how to create an animation with a shader.
Click here to view the video. A quick video of drag and drop functionality. (Actually my very first attempt to video screen cast)

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Creating Shaders

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