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Project license

The project is under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) at for more details.

Source code

The main goal to simplify things is that you use Shaders thru the installer. However, at this time I only can image one reason because of you will need to compile the code. It's because you'd like to reduce the size of the shader dll file. The Xhader projects assumes that you want to have available all your shaders in the application, but the price of doing this is that the final size of you application will increase. This fact might not be important in desktop applications, but in Silverlight experience it might affect the experience of the final product. Thus, if this is your case you can download the code and compile the shaders that you need.

You're more likely to need  the following software for compiling this project:

  • Visual Studio with C# support
  • Silverlight SDK
  • Shader Effects BuildTask and Template this project was created in C++ and uses DirectX SDK
  • Silverlight Toolkit source code includes already binary references to these elements. They are required by the sample applications
  • Microsoft Expression Blend or Visual Studio to perform tests

Additional resources
You might face some issues or might want to perform some custom settings. If so, you're more likely to check some additional resources.

Silverlight Design time Extensibility

Design Time Feature Implementation in Silverlight Toolkit

How to write silverlight design Time

Getting-started-with-silverlight-and-pixel-shader (my blog post)

Getting-started-with-silverlight-and-pixel-shader-02 (my blog post)

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