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About Xhader Project

A very important feature of xhader's project combines a a set of samples available in the web and codeplex. Thus, the project itself does not tries to create something new. It just collects tools around the web and tries to make it more easy-to-use by avoiding the cumbersome process of collecting and making work all the elements.

That said, I'll mention the sources of this main conglomerate project:

Silverlight toolkit at

Basically a set of common controls which are not included in the official releases of Silverlight. These controls are under development by the community. These controls might be included in some release of Silverlight if they've reached a point of maturity .

Shader Effects BuildTask and Templates at

This project is based on a set of tools for WPF development.

Shaders sources


Project status

The project is open to any brave person, who wants to write and share shaders into this project.

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